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From babies to teenagers, Donna Klauser, DDS, and the team at Arcadia Perio Care in Arcadia, California, can help with your children's dental needs. Solutions including kids grafting, transitional anchorage devices (TADS), and frenectomy may be the answer to your child’s dental issues. Your provider can help you find the right treatment for your child as well as help you find the right orthodontist. Call Arcadia Perio Care or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about kids grafting, TAD, and frenectomy and how your child can benefit from the results.

Kids Grafting Q & A

What is kids grafting?

Kids grafting, or dental implants for kids, can help with tooth loss from congenital hypodontia (absence of teeth) or trauma. Without teeth, kids can become self-conscious and embarrassed in addition to the effect it has on their mouth development. Gum grafting and bone grafting are important aspects of mouth development and may be necessary for optimal health.

The process can help prevent damage and resolve current damage. Gum grafting includes placing new tissue into the affected gum area. This allows the roots to not be exposed, which protects them from heat and cold sensitivity. The new tissue is stitched into the gums with dissolvable stitches. The end result is a new, beautiful smile. It’s important to teach your child good dental hygiene and to brush and floss every day.  

What are TADS?

The new technology of TADS, or transitional anchorage devices, includes small screws and implants. These devices fix the teeth in an appropriate position. TADS can be strategically placed to give your child a beautifully aligned smile. The devices can’t be moved, allowing the teeth and mouth to find their perfect alignment. TADS are easily removable once proper placement is achieved.

Your provider works closely with orthodontists to help your child develop a healthy and beautiful smile. This collaboration can lead to excellent results.

What is a frenectomy?

Frenectomy is a procedure to cut the lingual frenulum, which is the tissue underneath the tongue. If the lingual frenulum is too tight or short it can be difficult for a baby to breastfeed due to inability to latch on to the breast.

The procedure involves cutting the lingual frenulum in a quick and swift motion as close to the tongue as possible. It’s a quick treatment and anesthesia isn’t needed.

Are there any complications with a frenectomy?

The main concern for this procedure is bleeding. For most babies, this isn’t an issue and there’s no blood at all, but there is a small risk. This simple and straightforward procedure can help you connect with your baby and help them breastfeed with ease and comfort.

Call Arcadia Perio Care or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about frenectomy, TADS, and kids grafting and how the team can help you with your children’s dental needs.